Unveiling the Cosmic Enigma: A Fresh Perspective on Black Holes and the Nature of Gravity

The article discusses the concept of black holes and the author's theory that they are areas in space where electromagnetic radiation is missing, making it impossible for atoms to exist within their boundaries. The author also discusses the source of energy for atoms and suggests that it comes from the earth's inner core electromagnetism and the nearby star. The article questions the scientific understanding of gravity and suggests that it is not fully understood.

Unveiling the Cosmic Enigma: A Fresh Perspective on Black Holes and the Nature of Gravity

A lot of researchers, due to their position of authority, are reluctant to acknowledge that their understanding is greatly based on the teachings of their precursors, which might consist of out-of-date and disproven scientific beliefs.

It is no secret to state that scientific research study is in some cases damaged as a result of conflict of interests or the attraction of profits.

A black hole is a region of room with such intense gravity that absolutely nothing, not also light, can run away. This is the basic understanding of the great void.

I consider myself as one more Faraday.

According to scientific research, there is more room in an atom than there is issue. So, from where does all the power come to keep the atom with each other and energetic, may I ask?

In my viewpoint, I am cynical concerning the existence of black holes as described in the initial paragraph. Nonetheless, for discussion, allow's consider their presence!

After many years of extensive study, looking for the secrets of gravity, I showed up to a factor where I really feel the need to share my concept of this so-called black hole.

The notion that gravity is still a sensation questions regarding the accuracy of treating it as a fact. This approach can be misleading and impede the expedition of gravity's true nature by young thinkers.

Among the important things that irritate me most is, when scientists quote gravity and develop all kind of solutions and formulas around it, when they well know that they have no clinical proof of what gravity really is!

The very same could be said of one galaxy to an additional that holds our cosmos together.

My theory suggests that a great void is simply an area in the cosmos where the electromagnetic radiation from surrounding celebrities is missing, therefore providing it impossible for atoms to exist within its boundaries.

Gravity's essence is caught in this principle.

The energy comes partially from the electric field of the earth itself. This amazed field is produced by the earth's inner core electromagnetism area, which as we understand produces the north and south poles.

And, the various other part of the energy mainly originates from the earth's nearby Star. This Celebrity, in turn, radiates varieties of amazed fragments that shower on all the surrounding worlds. Through these amazed bits, the atom gets its energy and survives and active.

Our solar system, and consequently our galaxy, operates in the very same harmony. That is why the earths rotate and hold their orbit around their Star. The planets and their Star bring in each other due to these electrified pressures.

The Auroras at the North and South Poles are a physical example of these amazed fragments.